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“We present the first observation of Raman lasing in a diamond based device integrated onto a silicon chip,” said Vivek Venkataraman, Lončar Laboratory, Harvard University and co-author on the paper.“This is, by far, the lowest operating power diamond Raman laser to date, and the longest wavelength produced in any kind of on-chip Raman laser.” According to the research team, this demonstration marks diamond as only the second material besides silicon to show Raman lasing in a completely integrated photonic chip, which opens up promising new areas of research for both short-and-long range optical communications.

Diamond can also use Raman scattering to provide giant color shifts across the entire spectrum.The ability to transmit and manipulate light across a broader range of wavelengths would help to alleviate some of the growing bottlenecks in telecommunications.An efficient means of achieving this change of color or wavelength of a laser is through an optical phenomenon known as stimulated Raman scattering.Raman Lasers: Light of a Different Color Current on-chip lasers used in telecommunications operate at a narrow range of wavelengths around 1.55 microns.Though efficient, this limits the amount of data that can be transmitted through optical fibers.The researchers also report that since diamonds are transparent across almost the entire optical spectrum, the operating principle they demonstrate can be readily translated to other wavelength ranges simply by using different pump lasers.

“Ours is a proof-of-principle demonstration,” noted Venkataraman, “and many aspects can be further optimized and improved for a commercial product.But these are all engineering and technological improvements and the physics itself is well understood and demonstrated to work.” Paper: "On-Chip Diamond Raman Laser," Pawel Latawiec, et al., is an open-access, online-only journal dedicated to the rapid dissemination of high-impact peer-reviewed research across the entire spectrum of optics and photonics.Published monthly by The Optical Society (OSA), maintains a distinguished editorial board of more than 20 associate editors from around the world and is overseen by Editor-in-Chief Alex Gaeta, Columbia University, USA. About The Optical Society Founded in 1916, The Optical Society (OSA) is the leading professional organization for scientists, engineers, students and entrepreneurs who fuel discoveries, shape real-life applications and accelerate achievements in the science of light.The device works by sending pump laser light of one frequency down an optical waveguide that passes within hundreds of nanometers of the resonator allowing the light to, in essence, jump the tracks and begin racing around the circular resonator.As a constant stream of pump photons flows into the resonator, each photon travels hundreds of times around the track until the light intensity builds up and Raman scattering produces lower energy photons known as Stokes photons.Such Raman lasers are well-known in optics and have applications in medical devices, chemical sensing and telecommunications.

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