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There are four divisions within DHS designed to ensure the safety of Alabama citizens.The department accomplishes this by providing protection against all infrastructure sites across the state, as well as scientific and technological research and protection against terrorism.

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In addition to a revenue-producing measure, the new law was counted on to help reduce highway accidents, a continuing concern of the Department of Public Safety.It is the ABC Board’s goal to maintain a safe, reliable and efficient distribution network of controlled products while maintaining an extremely professional level of public safety programs to ensure responsibility in the distribution, possession and consumption of these products.ABC’s law enforcement officers are well-trained and operate at the highest level of professional police standards.In 1997, the responsibility to issue retail sales permits, regulate and enforce the laws related to underage access to tobacco products were added.In 2006, the responsibility to regulate and register retail establishments selling methamphetamine precursors was added.Alabama's Legislature was the first in the nation to create in 2003 a Cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security as part of the state's Executive Branch.

The agency was designed to develop, coordinate and implement a state policy to secure the state of Alabama from terrorist threat or attack.

The Department of Homeland Security works with federal, state and local partners to prevent and respond to terrorism in Alabama.

The department works closely with the public and private sectors in law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire services, agriculture, public health, public safety, communications, environmental management, military and transportation.

"Gentlemen, if I have made a mistake, I'll soon correct that," said Gov. 10, 1936, as he introduced the charter members of the Alabama Highway Patrol to the public they were to serve. Charles O'Gwynn, one of those 74 officers who formed the nucleus of the state's fledgling Highway Patrol, said Gov. "He sure meant it; he stood by it," O'Gwynn remembered. These two officers, working out of the State Highway Department, were charged with enforcing all Alabama highway and carrier laws statewide. We stayed down at the hotel for four weeks, about three or four weeks, in training -- waiting for our uniforms to come in.

"Your conduct had to be exemplary in those days in order to stay on the patrol. The uniforms were slow coming in, and we were very proud of them, and we got to be close together, very close. And it's amazing how it's grown from 75 troopers to almost 1,200 (total employees) ...

Youth access to tobacco products is controlled through retail sales permits, regulation, law enforcement and education.